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In development since 2016, Sound Imaging’s Bi-Directional MRI Wireless Communication system provides much needed MRI scan room communication freedom. The standard communication has always been between the MRI operator and patient via low quality, fixed speakers in the MRI bore. The systems headsets can be worn by the patient in the MRI bore to communicate with support staff and/or to listen to high quality music. More importantly, the wireless headsets can be worn by support staff/relatives in the MRI room allowing constant, mobile communication with support staff/relatives outside the MRI room. Sound Imaging’s Bi-Directional MRI Wireless system – the high quality MRI communication freedom that the MRI suite deserves.

Sound Imaging offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on our Bi-Directional System. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, return the system and we will refund your purchase price!


For patients, the Bi-Directional:

  • Push-to-talk microphone enables easy communication to the technologist in the control room
  • Noise cancelling headphones minimize the MRI scanner’s loud noise
  • Makes for a more relaxed and safe MRI experience

bi-directional headphones for mri stereo

For technologists, the Bi-Directional:

  • Allows for clear instruction to patients during scans
  • Eliminates the guesswork of patient comfort and safety
  • Increases efficiency of MRI examinations

For management, the Bi-Directional:

  • Reduces long-run operating costs
  • Diminishes the likelihood of costly re-scans
  • Increases marketability of imaging center to referring physicians

For the technical buyer, the Bi-Directional:

  • Involves easy setup
  • Doesn’t distort MRI image quality
  • Includes true stereo, non-pneumatic headset for high quality sound
  • Allows for two types of input


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