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MRI Conditional Certification MRI Stereo System Starting at $3,196
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MRI Conditional Certification MRI Tru Stereo System Starting at $4,196/-
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MRI Conditional Certification MRI Wireless Stereo System Starting at $5,196*
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MRI Conditional Certification Enhanced patient experience Great Value unbeatable prices With MRI Tru Stereo Products

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    The most affordable, high quality MRI Stereo on the market, trusted by hospitals and imaging centers.

    The MRI Stereo Standard or Advanced allows patients to relax with music during MRI scans. Our MRI Music System plays your audio of choice from services like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or any music player with a standard audio jack.

    The affordable MRI Stereo System can be customized to suit any imaging facility’s budget. With our MRI Stereo System, available upgrades include noise attenuating headsets, transducers, tablets with touchscreen interface, wireless installation and MRI Comfort Comm, all designed with patient comfort and safety in mind.

    MRIStereo.com offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee and 90 day’s warranty (Terms & conditions apply). If for any reason you are unsatisfied, return the system and we will refund your purchase price!

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    MRI Comfort Suite™ Line Of Products

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    The CTL Coil we bought looked brand new, I couldn’t believe it was pre-owned!

    Since We Started Using The SAMM System  we’ve had many positive remarks from patients because  it increased their comfort.

    We love the SAMM System.We got it set up about two weeks ago .Thanks so much!

    William has been great with myself and SimonMed all together .He has gone above and beyond the expectation. if he doesnt have it he will look for the part/item I need . We need  more Williams around.

    We haven’t turned any MRI patients away since we began leasing a mobile MRI trailer 24/7 from MRI Stereo.